Business development and cold B2B sales globally
We help European tech companies get partnerships and clients in the US, Australia, the UK, Canada and Singapore.
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Our team consists of brilliant sales reps - native speakers from America and Australia with over 8 years experience in international b2b sales in IT
We build a process of the outreach to potential partners and clients on targeted markets
Check product market fit for your product on new markets in b2b segments
Schedule video calls with partners and clients. Provide sales process audit and consulting.
Adapt your sales process to the cultural business realities of new markets
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Why my cold messages get zero response? Top 10 mistakes of cold outreach
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How to get new clients and partners on new markets without burning all your money
We helped European tech companies start selling globally
Business development for GoPractice Simulator, online educational program for product managers
Targeted market: the US

Prospects: product managers, head of growth and CMO of larget IT companies who have a product growth related blog online

Result: 10% of prospects scheduled a call to discuss partnership with GoPractice
Callback website widget partnership and sales on new markets
Targeted markets: the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, South America

Direct clients: campaigns conversion to a call: 3-5%

Prospects: auto dealerships, insurance companies, educational, tech companies

Result: 50+ paying customer with the help of outbound prospecting

Partner agencies: campaigns conversion to a call: 10%

Prospects: digital agencies, performance marketing agencies, web studios

Result: 10+ partners from Australia, the US, South America started working with the widget and each of them connected from 3 to 11 paying clients
Connecting new partners - real estate agencies - to the platform of villa rentals
Targeted market: Bali, Indonesia

Connecting new partners: message to call/meeting conversion: 60%

Prospects: property rental and sales agencies

Result: during the first 2 months 10+ largest agencies were connected to the platform

Targeted market:

Connecting new partners: message to call/meeting conversion: 100%

Prospects: property listing websites, property agencies

Result: held calls with largest Singapore listing companies and agencies
Outreach Team
Carolina Miakova
6+ years b2b sales experience. Bon Digital Co-founder
Jess Nazarali
8+ years sales experience. Built strong sales processes for 50+ clients for the US, Australian, European and Canadian markets
James, Ethan, Oliver and Zoe
Sales reps. Find targeted prospects contacts on Linkedin, establish new connections through email
Mia, Peter and Emma
Project managers from the US and Australia with b2b sales experience in IT
Manages a team of 5 sales reps, Linkedin targeting and prospecting via email
Expert sales department for a cost of one rep
Our services start at USD $5,500 per month. Get in touch with us to receive a quote for your business goals and tasks.
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What people say about us
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